Congratulations on our purchase of one of our mounts!  Here at Gorilla-Gripz, we truly believe that there is not better travel mount for your Smartphone, Tablet, and other Devices.  Our mounts are rugged and can take a good amount of beating, but as with anything that you use, it can wear out if not used properly.  Here are some tips for how to use your mount to maximize your enjoyment as well as ensure your mount lasts a long time!

Watch the video below to learn how to use your mount!

  • Attach the included carabiner

Put your carabiner on the ring on the clamp!  The included carabiner allows you to clip your mount on your suicase or backpack when not in use.


  • Always loosen knobs to adjust

Always loosen the knobs before making adjustments!  Remember... "righty tighty, lefty loosey"!  Attempting to adjust the arm position or holder orientation without loosening the knob on the arm or the back of your holder can lead to damage to the arm or the ball mount on the back of the holder.  The ball is secured to arm using threadlocker,  If the ball becomes loose, unscrew the ball and apply some red threadlocker (i.e. Red Loctite) and reinstall the ball and allow to cure.

  • Be careful not to cross-thread nut

Be careful not to cross-thread when you screw on the nut on the back of the device holder!  Make sure the threads are properly lined up before fully tightening to avoid damage to the thread!

  • You can secure the rubber pads

Glue your rubber pads if you want more permanence!  The pads come not glued to give you the choice of whether you want to use them,  I suggest using loctite gel adhesive (see link on product page) or something similar to prevent losing the pads when you are out and about.