Use it with your Nintendo Switch!

Clip it to your auto visor!

Our newest model will fit on the newer tray tables!

Use the vent mount for navigation!

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We are now Patented on our awesome mounts!!!!

USE ON: Airplanes, Golfing, Trains, Cars... Anywhere you can think of!

"Blue Steel Ultra" on Eva Airlines

Welcome to,

the home of the most rugged and secure smartphone and tablet mount for passenger airplane travelers.  I created the Obliter8 by Gorilla-Gripz line of mounts after being unable to find a rugged and secure phone mount for traveling on passenger airlines.  These mounts are beasts... Very heavy duty and stable.  Our patented mounts support both smartphones, tablets, Nintendo Switch, and other devices up to 12.9" (diagonal measurement) so you can watch your favorite shows and movies without fear that your device is going to fall out!  It attaches to tray tables when both when they are up and down and also clips on to armrests and seatback pockets.  Your imagination is the limit!  Just attach the mount, place your phone or tablet into the holder, and sit back and relax during all phases of flight!  You can even use your mount anywhere else you can think of outside of airline travel!  I hope that Obliter8/Gorilla-Gripz will be able to give you the same peace of mind when traveling as it did for me!

~ Dave
Creator of Obliter8 by Gorilla-Gripz

Use it on your Golf Caddy!

Clip it to seatback pockets!
(Southwest Airlines Seatback shown)

Use it on your carryon bag!
(Easy watching while waiting at airport!)

Clip it to the tray table!
(Single or double thickness tray table compatible)


"Blue Steel" Universal Smartphone and Tablet/Gaming Mount
UPC: 196852430239

Our most easy to use mount!

"Blue Steel Ultra" Universal Smartphone/Tablet/Gaming Mount

Our most versatile mount!


Mag-Safe Compatible Magnetic Mount

Use your Mag-Safe device with our mount with this after-market accessory.  Compatible with Blue Steel and Blue Steel Ultra Mounting hardware.

Mag-Safe Compatible Universal Ring Sticker

If you do not own a Mag-Safe case or device, you can use this universal sticker to allow your device to use Mag-Safe mounts.

Loctite Adhesive for securing rubber pads

If you decide to permanently secure your rubber pads onto the clamp, this is an adhesive that works well.  It dries clear and will prevent your pads from falling off accidentally.  It is suggested to use a popscicle stick or something similar to apply to the rubber pads before placing on the clamp

Embroidered Hoodie Sweatshirt

Show your love for Obliter8 with this high quality embroidered hoodie sporting our logo on the front and back!!

Loctite Threadlocker

 If you find your 17mm ball on the extension arm loosening, you can use Loctite Threadlocker 263 to re-secure the ball to prevent unwanted rotation.  After installation, you will need to wait at least 24 hours for the loctite to cure and harden

Obliter8 T-Shirt

Show your love for Obliter8 with this high quality embroidered Shirt sporting our logo on the front!!